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News on Zoo visit for B.sc 2 Biotechnology students

A field visit was conducted for B.sc Sem 2 Biotechnology students to MAHENDRA CHAUDHARY ZOOLOGICAL PARK, commonly known as “Chattbir Zoo” on 08.02.2020 as a part of their course curriculum. The students learned about the various fauna of different animals kingdoms. The zoo is home to 369 mammals, 400 birds and 20 reptiles. Initially the zoo was populated by a small number of animals brought from Guwahati Zoo, Assam and it soon became the largest zoo in Northern India. There are numerous variety of animals in zoo. There are Royal Bengal tigers, White tigers, Asian elephants, Hippopotamus, Indian gazelle, Sambar deer, Swamp deer, Emu, Asiatic lion, Baboons, Lion-tailed macaque, Indian leopard, Jaguar, Himalayan black bear, Sloth bear, Blue bull, Blackbuck, Gaur and many more. About 50 students of B.Sc. Biotechnology visited the zoo. The wild safari including lion and deer safari were the centre of attraction. The recently developed India’s longest walk-in aviary with 300m long walk showcases 32 species of indigenous and exotic birds. The section is made in five different themes included Terrestrial, Rock & Duck, Woodland, Japanese Trail and Rainforest. The students collected information about various animals, birds and reptiles. The same information will be able to prepare their report. The trip helped students gather practical knowledge by visiting the wildlife areas and studying their ecosystem. The trip also enhanced their interdisciplinary approach to understand how an ecosystem works in collaboration with other components of the environment. Overall the trip benefitted the students a lot in studying the subject Environmental Science.