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CRI Kasauli Industrial Visit for Biotechnology Students

To make students industry ready an industrial visit was organised by the department of biotechnology on 15 Feb 2020 to Central Research Institute, kasuali. Students were made to visit Central Research Institute, Kasauli as part of the industrial trip CRI kasuali is pioneer in field of vaccine production across the world. They work in the field of vaccine manufacturing, antisera and also act a national referral centered for public health problems. B.Sc. Semester 4 students visited various las of the institute. They learnt about antisera processing, they also visited quality assurance lab where the vaccines and others health products are checked and verified. It was a very enriching experience for them to learn about vaccine production, testing and water quality management. They were shown National Reference Centre for serotyping of Salmonella and Escherichia coli wherein students were explained about how Serotyping of Salmonella and Escherichia coli is performed, how lyophilization is done , and students were also briefed about supply of bacterial cultures, production of anti serum against E.Coli and various other techniques used in serotyping of Salmonella and Escherichia coli.Furthermore, the students were made to visit the vaccine testing centre where they were shown animal models on which the vaccines are tested for example mice, guinea pigs and rats. They leant how laboratory bred animals are kept and stored and marked after and before vaccine treatment and about the importance of animal handling in general for performing invivo vaccine testing.CRI basically have production units for vaccines e.g. yellow fever, Diptheria, Pertusis and Tetanus toxoid vaccines and antiserum e.g. anti snake venom, anti rabies, ditheria antitoxin serum. Lastly students also visited water quality units where in they observed how the purification and sterility of water is maintained for the purpose of using it for vaccine production. Overall the visit was a knowledgeable and motivating experience for students to pursue research based career and to create benefit for the society. This visit not only enhanced technical skills in students but also act a career platform for research and development.