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Each day find yourself a new goal. Inch by inch reform! Whatever you do, never give up! That’s exactly what out fitness and strength trainers have to say to each individual at the gym. While staying mentally strong is the game we play in the outside world, physical strength is what shapes us on the outside. The health and fitness of a human is what gives him mental peace and exuberance to grow each and so keeping in mind the health and fitness of our students and employees, CGC provides a state-of-the-art gymnasium fully-equipped with the latest equipment within the campus. The gymnasium at CGC can accommodate up to 150 to 200 students at a time. What’s exclusive is the fact that we have two different gymnasiums- for girls and boys that are centrally air conditioned. The girls gym is within the hostel and shows off the following highlights– treadmills, Cross training, cycling, Aerobics, Strength machines. At the same time the boy’s gym boasts of having proper equipments along with – power lifting, weight training, and special training and strength machines. Our gymnasium is a fine recreational facility with fully equipped weight-training section and a qualified kinetics. The campus has a spacious gym provided with all latest equipments required for physical exercises and gymnastics so that students can make effective use of facilities for maintaining a good physique and sound health.